"El Pan Nuestro"

Anneliz Cintron Duprey

Representation of Victor Vazquez’s photograph of autonomous name as this piece made with graphite pencil; both traditional and digital.  

Changing the plantains for a gasoline tank is used to create conscience about how puertorricans had to change their lifestyles and adapt to be able to provide for their families. Many citizens were forced to make long, eternal lines under the sun to buy gasoline to be able to turn on the power generators at home since the electricity took so long to come back in many sectors." 

Maria entered through the southeast side, very close to Guayama, my hometown. We went months without electricity and even cellular reception. 

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Anneliz Cintrón Duprey


El Pan Nuestro




Graphite, Digital

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Anneliz Cintrón Duprey