APRIL 2021

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María José

San Juan, Puerto Rico,

Oakland, California.

María José Montijo is a Boricua bruja, casting spells with a luminous voice and powerful lyrics, whose songs invoke full-spectrum healing and celebrate the magic of the ordinary.


MaJo’s life changed in 2009, on a beach in Borikén, Puerto Rico, when a friend gifted her a folk harp. Since then, the Huichin, Oakland-based acupuncturist and musician makes music to decolonize the heart. Singing professionally since age five, and with twenty years of experience in traditional medicine, MaJo blends bomba, folk harp and electronics, with lyrics that are feminist, alchemical, and affirming of deep ecology. Songs that are prayers to our ancestors and for our  co-liberation. MaJo is a California licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, biodynamic cranio-sacral therapist, and sound healer. 



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